About Stow Pilates

Stow Pilates is based in Cheltenham and operates throughout the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, we offer tuition by qualified instructors in various locations from Cheltenham and Cirencester in the south to the north Cotswold villages. At Stow Pilates we are very aware that our clients are individuals and have varied ability and fitness levels. The advantage that Pilates has over other exercise programs is that it is very low impact and most of the exercises are done on a mat. Our bodies are moulded by the lifestyle we lead and when something unusual happens whether it is a weight that is awkward to lift or a movement that has stretched a muscle that has not been used for a while then an injury can occur.

We can tailor programs to fit the needs of our clients and we have found that whether a client is training for an event or the client wants a post-natal program to get back in shape, Pilates can help and let’s face it all activities or jobs can put specific demands on our bodies.

Flexibility can vary in many ways!
Flexibility can vary
in many ways!

Richard Ellis @ Stow Pilates

Richard Ellis has been practicing Pilates for the last 14 years and has been involved in the fitness industry for the last 20 years. He has been teaching Pilates in the Cotswolds for 7 years and is a Central YMCA Advanced Level 3 CYQ qualified instructor which currently is the highest level qualification standard.

What we offer

Group Classes

Classes are arranged in blocks of multiple weeks of 10. We believe in order to get an ongoing benefit from the classes that familiarity with the principles of Pilates is very important. Pilates is an exercise method that develops with the client and progression is very important to getting the desired results people want to achieve. It is very important that clients make time in their week to commit to progress as irregular attendance results in reduced benefit to the client.

One to one training

We offer one to one training for clients who can have a program tailored to their specific needs and will involve a postural assessment and health screening. We can offer additional advice on other cardiovascular exercise and diet. Clients have found that personal progression speeds up with one to one training. We find that if clients have any doubts over their fitness level or have any medical issues they wish to discuss it is easier done in the privacy of their home or the studio.